MIBES Transactions

Volume 8, Issue 1, Year 2014

Arnaoudova K. & Stanchev P., Conceptual IT Service Provider Model Ontology 1
Azaria C.A., Houdeloudi E. & Hajidimitriou A.Y., Success Factors of Internet use for Exporting by Greek Companies during the Period of the Financial Crisis 13
Folinas D., Aidonis D. & Fotiadis A., Monitoring the pharmaceuticals demand flow in public hospitals with the BAM paradigm 31
Karahan Ö. & Metehan Y., Producer Services as a Driver of High Technology Manufacturing in Europe 47
Kaya Ç., Ötken A.B. & Okan E., Turkish Students’ Perceptions of Social Responsibility and Voluntarism 56
Keramydas Ch., Tsolakis N., Vlachos D. & Iakovou E., A System Dynamics Approach towards Food Security in Agrifood Supply Networks: A Critical Taxonomy of Modern Challenges in a Sustainability Context 68
Kydros D., Athianos S. & Dimadis D., Corporate Governance Analysis and Social Networks: A Case Study in Greek Firms 84
Pantelidis P., Pazarskis M., Deloudi K. & Stamatouros S., Do M&As of Greek listed firms before the economic crisis improved their current liquidity and profitability? 100
Polyzos S., Tsiotas D. & Papagiannis K., Determining the changes in commuting after the Ionian Motorway’s construction 113
Sdrolias L., Belias D., Koustelios A., Gkolia A., Koutiva M., Thomos A. & Varsanis K., Job Satisfaction and Motivation in the Greek Banking Sector 132
Theofanidis F., Pavlis N. & Daskalopoulos E., The use of factor analysis for evaluating mediative websites 152
Tsiotas D., Polyzos S. & Anastasiou A., Rank-Size distribution of Greek cities: a Regional Analysis 164



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