MIBES Transactions

Volume 10, Issue 1, Year 2016

E-STEP – Supporting Parents’ Participation in Schools: Case Study of Model Experimental Junior High School of Patras
Boufardea E., Garofalakis J., Koskeris A.& Argyropoulos M.
Assessment as Learning: Practice on Teaching Greek Literature through Students’ Drawings
Feresidi K.
Utilization and Application of New Technologies and Programming Environment in Physics Science: A Teaching Proposal for Acids and Bases
Kakavas K., Theodoropoulos N. & Kakavas P.
Investigation of the Forecasting Methods Use in the Drug Supply Chain: The Pharmacy Perspective in Greece
Karagianni M.E. & Vasileiou K.
Hanoi Towers: A Game-Based Approach for the Introduction to Programming by using Educational Robotics
Karagiorgou E., Spachos V. & Baras I.
Taking Advantage of ICT in Teaching Modern Poetry through Music and Painting
Karamane E. & Andreadelli E.
Evaluation of Professors of Informatics in Primary and Secondary Education: A Comparative Study
Kolokotronis D., Liovas D., Stathopoulos C.& Liakos I.
Teaching, Learning and Professional Development through Digital Storytelling: An Innovative Blended Learning Training Course for Primary and Secondary Education Teachers
Kotadaki M., Asimakopoulos G., Karousiotis G., Dai V. & Petropoulou V.
Strategic Initiatives for Sustainability Performance Improvement of Supply Chains: Best Practices from the German Market
Loulos V., Achillas Ch. & Ahdonis D.
Bringing Paintings to Life: Learning the French Language at Junior High School in Conjunction with Art
Nikou Th. & Pantazi V.
An Up-to-date Critical Synthesis of Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies
Tsiolias D., Keramydas Ch., Vlachos D.& Iakovou E.
The use of Computerised Psychometric Tests of Vocational Guidance as self-awareness tool during the Process of Studies and Profession choice Case study of the Vocational school of Tyrnavos, Greece


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